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DIY: How to Change a Tire

Nobody ever plans for a flat tire, but being prepared in case it becomes a reality is a good way to not be fearful. There is a common misconception that changing a tire is extremely difficult and only for those that are experienced car gurus, but anyone is capable of changing their own tire if they get a flat. 

Why Are My Brakes Noisy?

The leading cause of noisy brakes is actually not because your brakes are worn. Have you ever driven in the early morning after a rainy night? Most likely you have heard a squeak or two. This is actually due to the brake pads warming up and getting rid of any rust that has accumulated from the moisture and is completely normal, but there could also be an underlying cause to the noise. 


Five Tire Care Resolutions You Can Make to Save Money!

Thinking about improvements you can make to save money in the new year? Here are five tire care resolutions that will help your tires perform better. How will these tire care tips save you money? Following them diligently will significantly extend the life of your tires and value of your tire investment. Additional benefits you will get include better gas mileage and greater safety on the road. Read on to learn more.

Common Winter-Related Car Problems

As the days continue to shorten and the temperatures begin to drop steadily, our cars are often required to push past their limits which can put unbelievable strain on your vehicle. In order for your vehicle to run efficiently and smoothly throughout the winter, it is important that you are aware of possible problems you could encounter this time of year.


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