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Old Tires Can Be Dangerous

Most everyone understands that driving on compromised tires is dangerous. It is important to inspect tires and measure tread depth on a regular basis to assure that tires are safe. There is another tire problem, though, that many drivers may not even realize is a safety issue. Old tires can be dangerous, even if the tread appears to be okay.  Let Phoenix Avenue Tire in Fort Smith, AR solve all  your old tire issues!

TPMS & Winter

It is very important to check the pressure of your tires when it is cold outside and to keep tires inflated to the proper levels. Reasons include:

Low tire pressure can make a vehicle handle poorly

Tires tend to wear out much faster when they are not  properly inflated

Under inflated tires tend to overheat, which could lead to a blowout

Low tire pressure reduces gas mileage and costs you money

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